Inclusivity — Architecture Competition by

Architecture Design Competition ‘Inclusivity’ Launched by UNI — Write an essay on the role of gender in design

Fig: 1 — Cities are the most intricate creations of ‘mankind’ since most designers in history have been men. Fear is a constant element that is part of the journey for other genders as they explore urban destinations.

Gender equality in urban environments

Gender equality is an important concern of the 21st century. Gender systems are manifested in multiple aspects of our daily life and so, their inequalities are constantly exposed. Assumptions of gender arise from cultural stereotypes borne of physical distinctions or socially constructed.

The fight against gender bias is aimed at restoring the rights of the marginalized gender factions of society. This is an extremely difficult task since the bias is ingrained in the psyche of every individual and reprogramming human minds can be daunting. This bias has caused oppression and unequal opportunities among all genders. Their survival and well-being in society are at risk.

Since bias is an instinct for humans, it is also deeply rooted in the way we design our world. The Litera’s topic focuses on how our perception is shaped by our living environment and as a result, bias remains a part of our lives even in the wake of the present.

Fig: 2 — A balance of gender requirements must be achieved to create an equal and welcoming environment for all.

Questions to be addressed

In your research, you should particularly reflect on what is the role of gender in city design. The ideal notions of design must be put forward. Gender is multi-layered and the complexity that comes with religion, ethnicity, and identity added to the scenario, must be taken under consideration.

  • How is inequality manifested in public places?
  • Can urban planning be held responsible for the creation of spaces that are threatening the safety of women and LGBTQ communities?
  • What are some of the gender-neutral aspects of city planning?
  • How is the movement of vulnerable genders different around the city?
  • How can the safety and security of genders be improved in city design? What would the implications of new/proposed design interventions be?
  • How can the issues of segregation and exclusion that arise due to patriarchal systems be resolved?
  • How can we plan for an inclusive city for the numerous gender groups?

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