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Call for Entries: ‘Secure’ | International Essay Writing Competition — Future spaces for security Hosted by UNI

Fig: 1 — Security in public spaces (Credits- Mathew Henry)

Safety and security

The architecture of secure spaces roots in our need to protect and feel protected. It has advanced with an understanding of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

From protection against predators to keeping in/out criminals, to structures for the protection of assets, security has always been framed from present contextual issues.

With the advancement in technology, the nature of protection is changing and so is the nature of the crime.
Amidst this, how has the landscape of our urban environments changed? How is it affecting our lives, cultural/natural fears, and anxieties?

Based on these changes like crimes, technologies, and spaces — research, question, and intercept the architectural dimensions of overall security.

Write an essay of 1500 words by answering the questions below.

Fig: 2 — With future development in surveillance/security systems, what will our cities look like? (Credits-Adi Goldstein)

Questions to address

Surveillance and security methods have transformed and developed remarkably. As technology advances, built spaces transform to accommodate these changes.

In your research, you should particularly reflect on how exactly architecture will adapt and rethink secure and safe spaces with the evolving context?

The views are expected to be analytical and precise, instead of vague/philosophical approaches across the subject.

  1. What is security according to you?
  2. How do architecture and spaces play a role in protecting people and the things they care about?
  3. How is our relationship with conventional security spaces changing?
  4. Due to the shift in the relationship between means of protection and crime, what are the small changes that have affected and will affect our lives and the places we reside in? (micro and macro)
  5. With evolving technology, what will the future architecture and functions of conventional security in spaces look like?

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