Cybertecture Masterclass 2021

7 min readAug 26, 2021

UNI, being a global network and a recognized platform for architecture competitions, is now engaging and merging with experts in past, present and future theories of architecture and design to curate masterclasses and training courses. To prepare young designers and architects to create a better future and effective build environment is of utmost importance. In an attempt to start this change Cybertecture Academy & is thrilled to announce its first online masterclass with architect James Law from Cybertecture Academy. In this four-month-long Interactive Online Design Masterclass taught personally by visionary architect James Law every detail about Cybertecture philosophy will be explored.

Img 1: Cybertecture Egg / Cybertecture Academy

Architecture has evolved through the adaptation of ideologies, understanding and exploration of each decade. Similarly, contemporary architecture strives to come to terms with the growing trends and technology. While architecture and design are gradually merging into technology through various tools, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, there is still a looming fear of the tech takeover and fictitious worries of the unknown. Can our natural anxiety be brought to rest with a human-centric and realistic approach towards technology advancement? The current circumstance has taken us to this future via cybertecture.

Img 2: Wadala Tower / Cybertecture Academy

Cybertecture — coined by James Law — is an evolving architecture and design style merged with recent trends and developments in technology, multimedia and cyber activities. It aims at a new synergy between design and technology that allows for everyday activities to become something more powerful and empowering to the user.

Img 3: Technosphere / Cybertecture Academy

James Law JP was born in Hong Kong, inspired by the movie “The in “Fountainhead” and “Star Wars” he decided to pursue architecture. Being mentored by Peter Cook at the Bartlett School of Architecture, James Law apprenticed under Itsuko Hasegawa in Tokyo before starting his venture; Cybertecture in 2001. With the philosophy rapidly growing, the architect started the Cybertecture Academy for design education and Cybertecture for Humanity- a social innovation NGO to nurture future designers and the well-being of society. In addition, HomeD is a recent company by James Law Cybertecture that provides modular solutions for homeless and refugees to help them gain back their dignity. With a commitment to creating ‘better futures for people’, his firm, James Law Cybertecture Academy is focused on using architecture as a tool to better the society and its living conditions.

Img 4: James Law

Humanity is undergoing a new renaissance due to a rapid change on this planet. The need to alleviate suffering for all segments of society is urgent. Cybertecture masterclass will touch on almost all aspects and issues of the society. By merging typologies with crafted technologies at the micro and macro level, it aims to teach solutions, methodologies and most of all innovative thinking for relevant issues like the housing crisis, climate change, integration of global cultures, and much more through its collaborative and dynamic nature.

Img 5: Virtual Realities / Asynchronous Artefacts

Enrolling in the masterclass will help you to learn the new facets of technology and architecture (cybertecture) to explore realities through curated competitions that integrate present trends like NFT, blockchains and virtual networking. The masterclass will groom you to handle real world problems and adjust yourself to rethink the possibilities for this planet, whose future is currently towards an evolution to a new world. Participate and learn to craft this new world towards a better living. In this collaboration with Cybertecture Academy, UNI seeks to create a platform for learners to not only gain exposure in cybertecture but also learn the most latest and dynamic software technologies through Futurly — a global community for architects and designers that teach workshops on design workflows, 3D modelling and architecture realities.

Img 6: Open stage tower / Futurly

One in all, the cybertecture masterclass is an excellent educational opportunity for learnings and applications to solve real problems of the present and unprecedented future. The masterclass is especially curated for students and professionals in design and architecture and aims at inculcating them with relevant design education that they would probably miss in their design schools. Each module in the masterclass is a 5-day online workshop topped with a competition for practical application of the knowledge learned.

The masterclass will take participants on a journey through four major approaches and categories of cybertecture;

  1. Pod Architecture aims at teaching and changing the face of the housing crisis by reinventing housing in cities through its modular, compact, and futuristic approach. The course will be organized around online lectures, workshops, collaborative sketching, presentation methods, and one on one design tutorials with James Law. It will cover topics like micro-living, housing crisis, interiors, and spatial management of pods.
Img 7: Opod Housing / Cybertecture Academy
  1. Robotic Cities will explore how to design our connection in the form of technology and understand an approach that is different from the traditional methods and materials. As new technologies carry promise beyond conventional dimensions, a cybertecture city expands on a society that works in unison with humans and our future needs. It will cover topics like Cities of past, present and future, Urban machines & Networks and mega-engineering and how to design a death star!
Img 8: The Metal Pixel / Futurly
  1. Cyber Republic expands on the question, can digital worlds/communities like facebook, instagram convert into digital communities that merge physical and digital dimensions? Communities where one can walk and experience spaces? Through softwares like Sansar can we create a full-fledged virtual world? The module explores architecture realities through understanding of future goals of cybertecture and software based learning taught by Futurly. It will cover topics like Enter the Matrix, Coding life, coding cities and the dilemma of Man and Ai duality with a competition on designing our own virtual space.
Img 9: Memory Landscapes / Futurly
  1. Cybertecture Realm, takes inspiration from nature/surroundings and will expand on futuristic projects like the Technosphere; a self-sustaining planetary city and other similar modules that have the ability to revolutionize the future and to look at the collective society rather than isolate our designs and intentions. The module will go towards the ultimate question of can we create something that represents today’s humanity as well as mitigates the existing crisis? It will cover topics like The Cybertecture Realm, New DNA population, the future is what we make and a chance to design your own Cyber Realm.
Img 10: Akakor Entity / Futurly

The schedule and dates of individual modules is detailed and available on the masterclass website —

Cybertecture masterclass registrations will go live on 1st September 21. The date and pricing for the same is as follows;

1. Pod architecture — 09–12 December 21

2. Robotic Cities — 06–09 January 22

3. Cyber Republic — 10–13 February 22

4. Cybertecture Realm — 10–13 March 22

Cost to register for each module — $299

Cost to register for entire course / masterclass — $999

Early Bird Registration ($ 999) begins — 01 Sept 21

Regular Registration ($1299) begins — 01 Nov 21

Late Registration ($1499) begins — 01 Dec 21

The competitions held at the end of each module will be an opportunity for applying the skills learned and each project will be a part of the collection of cybertecture solutions for the future. The Jury evaluations will follow with the further schedules, award closure is scheduled on 20th March 2022 and projects will be showcased on 31st March 2022. Including James Law and instructors from futurly like vamsi and arek, this masterclass will be a pool of the best instructors from over the world. Along with them, the competitions will be judged by an eminent jury panel which will be announced according to schedule. Moreover, the winners will receive an exclusive Virtual Internship with James Law Cybertecture Academy, cash prizes worth 2000$ USD and free UNI yearbooks.

Enroll Now. Limited Seats available.

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