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Fig: 1 — A challenge that focuses on using the basic tools of photography to capture and narrate the best story about an art deco building that would stir minds. (Credits: Brent Winebrenner/Getty Images)


Mounted is a part of Uni devising opportunities for Photographers to reflect their ideas, thoughts, and interpretations of capturing the real world through digital lenses. The forum allows enthusiasts and professionals from the world over to share their outstanding bodies of work.

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The winners of the Professional and Student categories will receive rewards and cash prizes. Our judging panel will comprise highly acclaimed industry professionals, including gallery owners, publishers, editors, and renowned photographers. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in one of the most prestigious photography contests in 2021.

Fig: 2 — Art Deco movement garnered international attention with its influences, geometric forms, and surface treatment. (Credits: Kathryn Donohew Photography/Getty Images)


The relationship between photography and architecture can be traced back to the time when documentation methods were required and updated and photography provided an automatic alternative to clicking an image of a building. As primitive as these methods were, they captured basic information such as lines, surfaces, and tones.

Today hyper-realistic photographs have changed the way photography is being used in architecture. It provides almost real-life images of what the building would look like. But oftentimes, to untrained eyes, a photograph needs to have a certain play with angles, tones, and lighting to narrate a story of the building. These pictures help guide the viewer’s eyes to key features. Narrowing down the various types of buildings a person could narrate a story about, from the most complex and abstract forms to the most simple buildings, we combine both these facets into setting the theme of Art Deco buildings.

The competition brief aims to capture 5 images of an art deco building that narrate the designers’ thoughts and intentions in them.

The picture story can bring out the various unnoticed elements and criticisms of the art deco building.


The objective is to capture images of an Art Deco building, narrating and explaining the building’s essence as a story.

1. Submit a set of 5 (Max) pictures or less to deliver a photo story.
2. Each image should be less than 10MB and [2800px x 3500 px] size, portrait, or landscape.
3. Title and subtitle of the project on the project page.
4. A concept note of about 250 words in the journal section.
5. Both items are in sync with the theme of art deco.


Any kind of camera is permitted, from phones to DSLRs. The photos can be retouched in Lightroom, however, photoshopping certain elements or lassoed graphics are not allowed.

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