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‘The Yellow Path’ competition launched a challenge to design a public installation inspired by Wizard of the Oz by



Fig: 1 — The journey of the yellow brick road winds down towards Emerald city. (Credits: METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER)


The Land of Oz is a magical place described as part of the classic fable of the Wizard of Oz. It tells the story of how a young girl from a tornado-hit land is whisked to a fictional land of inane characters and settings.

Her adventures undertaken along the designated yellow brick road leads her to the destination of the emerald city. During the journey, she passes multiple locations with different themes and characters that enhance her experiences in the magical setting.

How a single path can navigate through different spatial designs and generate a journey is an important part of the story. The anticipation that comes with the discovery of new and engaging sites along the way is attractive to humans.

How can the journey depicted in the story be translated into the physical design on a small scale?

Fig: 2 — City public spaces are sprucing up their infrastructure to create inviting spaces for the public. (Credits: Ben Tran)


Brief: The challenge is to design a play structure inspired by the theme of the wizard of Oz, ‘the yellow brick road’

The design can be inspired by the fabled classic and its story, characters, and locations. The structure will be an asset to the urban area it is set in. It will aim to bring the public to the center and explore the space built for leisure, play, entertainment, walking, and so on. The design will create a playground embedded in the city fabric for people of all ages.

The challenge aims to trigger public interest in the place through a strong visual impact. The site can become an urban landmark that boosts social gatherings, communal activity as well as the commercial value of the place. The urban intervention must be a new way of circulating through space, making it a memorable experience for pedestrians and children.


  • Concept: The idea of how the elements of the classic Wizard of Oz are integrated into the site must be showcased extensively.
  • Connectivity: The different functions that are served by the design of the play area must be well connected with its components and surroundings.
  • Function: The activities that will be incorporated into the urban play space are to be outlined.
  • Pedestrian experience: The experience of a pedestrian along the yellow path (primary path) must be safe, convenient, and engaging.
  • Aesthetic: The urban intervention will be a landmark and the design must be attractive and inviting for all types of users.


Fig: 4 — Site image

Seattle, United States.

Seattle is a port city with unique terrain. The climate of the city is favorable all year long, so it is a popular center for outdoor activities. Parks are present all over the city with walk paths for pedestrians. The site is the Gas Works Park, Seattle. The park can be accessed via N. Northlake Way Road. The site is surrounded by Lake Union on all sides. It offers city views from its highest point. The neighborhood around the area is mostly residential.

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